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Rachel's House 'O' Whatnot (and Underpants)

Professionally Pro-Choice

The Bodhisattva of Kickin' Ass
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1976 chevy impalas, abortion, abortion rights, anthropology, archaeology, art nouveau, baaaaaby animals, bad movies, beginner's mind, being a feminist princess, being properly medicated, big dogs, brains, bruce campbell, buddhism, cartoons, ceiling-height bookshelves, cheesiness, chuck d's disembodied voice, clinic escorts, clive barker, coffee, cookies, cross stitch, dead bug pose, dead people's stuff, destroying tokyo, dia de los muertos, dick jokes, dogen, dollar stores, driving, effexor, embroidery, evolutionary biology, fairy tales, fake fur, feminism, femjays, french postcards, genitals but not yours, godzilla, hans christian andersen, harlan ellison, hatha yoga, heart sutra, hot monkey love, jadite, jagermeister, johnny cash, kch!, kids in the hall, kitsch, kurt vonnegut, laughing at myself, laughing at you, literature, lovingkindness, magritte, margaret atwood, mary prankster, mashimaro, meditation, mermaids, mid-century modern design, monster movies, mothra, museums, mythology, nature shows, navel gazing, nooks and crannies, not breaking my bones, not vomiting, nyhc circa 1989, oi, otters, panzz, peace, planned parenthood, poetry but not yours, potty humor, pre-raphaelites, pro-choice, psychoanalyzing people, punctuated equilibrium, punk rawk, quirks, radical feminism, reproductive health care, road trips, roadside attractions, rogue beavers, roller skates, san-x, sanrio, satire, shobogenzo, shot glasses, shriner memorabilia, shutting up and listening, silent movies, ska, slugs, snarkiness, songs about frankenstein, stephen j gould, stitchery, surf rock, surrealism, sushi, taking giant leaps, taking politics personally, talking about my butt, tattooed bassists, taxation without representation, tea, tennyson, the crafting underground, thrift shops, tiki, unagi, underpants, unprofessional behavior, used bookstores, victorian romantic poets, victoriana, vintage erotica, wacdtf, water, willendorf butt, wonder woman, yoga, zen