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Attn. Seattle folks!

Cat-lovin' Seattleites, take notice. My friend loopback has posted the following notice about a lovely lady who needs a home:

Sixteen is a sweet and beautiful cat, and is the last of the colony of "feral" (read: abandoned) cats that included my sweet kitty Hatchetface, meathelmet's sweet kitty Squish, Brownie, Hooda, Crom, and numerous other insanely good natured and cuddleable cats.

Some photos of Sixteen being as cute as can be here:


Since some folks are having trouble with that URL, here are a couple of direct links:
the site:

the link directly to the gallery:

Since Sixteen was pregnant, queen_skarre and I have taken the necessary steps of taking her to the vet to have her spayed. She is at the vet as we speak being operated on. Donations towards covering the cost of surgery would be swell and all, but here is honestly what I would rather you (the generic you) do:

Find her a home. She is a beautiful, sweet & loving cat and she deserves to be that animal that makes someones life a better and brighter place. She will be spayed, have received an Advantage treatment to deal with any fleas, have a round of vaccinations, and have her FIV/Leukemia tests done.

If you want this cat, and you will love her, let me know. loopback at shunned dot com.

Feel free to post this any and everywhere you like. This sweet cat deserves to spend the rest of her kitty life being spoiled and treated like the Princess she is.

So if you want a sweet kitty, or you know a good person who might, please contact Loopy at the email listed above.

Just to keep the Googlebomb going...

Bill Napoli.

With that, I'm off to dinner with my mommy.

EDIT: Unlocked. Y'all are so observant, and I'm so... er, not. :)

EDIT2: Also, it would be great to make a donation to Planned Parenthood in his name. Thanks for the reminder, rozebud, and for the idea, kdiddy.

Rantypants McGee, at it again.

Most of you know this already. But just in case...

Okay, kids. Calling someone "the black guy" is not the same as calling someone "the blonde guy." When you assume that white is the default race, or male is the default sex, or straight is the default orientation? That. Right there. IS PRIVILEGE. Learn it, know it, live it.

Comments disabled because I don't feel like arguing the point here, too.